Why Copoly Blinds?

Black Box Duck Blinds will never rust, corrode or crack out. These are the last duck blinds you'll ever have to buy.

How They're Built

Black Box Blinds are cut from copolymer sheet stock and welded together using the strongest methods available.

Multimedia Gallery

So what does a polymer duck blind look like? Click here for pictures of the most durable, long-lasting duck blinds on the market.

Tired of Replacing Your Duck Blinds?

In 2010, a friend and duck hunter came to us and asked a simple question: Could we build him a more comfortable, longer lasting duck blind? Tired of sitting in corroded steel blinds that were cold and leaky, he wondered what we could do. After all, we’ve used proven Co-Polymer Polypropylene construction techniques to build wildland firefighting vehicles and equipment – why not apply that manufacturing know-how and technology to a duck blind?

Turns out, he was right.

MTECH’s Black Box Blinds are the only blinds on the market made of Co-Polymer Polypropylene (CPP) sheet-stock and constructed with MTECH’s proprietary knowledge. When applied to duck blinds, this combination creates an environment that is absolutely ideal for the waterfowl hunter: quiet, dry, warm, and it won’t scratch you or your equipment. And best of all, Black Box Blinds will never have to be replaced.

We ship every day to all 50 states in the USA. If you’re looking for something better in a duck blind, try it for yourself. We know you’ll agree.