MTECH’s Black Box Duck Blind is constructed unlike any other blind on the market. The common misconception is that the Black Box Blind is molded plastic, or metal covered in plastic; neither is correct. The polymer material used in our duck blinds is an MTECH specially-formulated polypropylene, shipped to us as sheet stock, cut on a CNC router and then hot-air extrusion welded using MTECH’s proprietary methods. This is a true welding process in every sense of the word—glue, silicone, and other common adhesives will not bond to this material.

We also build fire apparatus truck bodies, which are subjected to extreme abuse on a continual basis. In one instance, a vehicle with an MTECH body was involved in a severe rollover accident. Once recovered from the vehicle and inspected, MTECH’s body was found to have sustained no damage. The body was subsequently repainted and remounted on a new chassis. Each blind we manufacture is built with the same approach as our vehicle bodies. Although it’s unlikely you’ll ever roll our duck blind, when it comes to toughness, there is no blind tougher.

Each blind starts as a 3D model. From there, we translate the design to a set of toolpaths which direct our CNC machinery on the shop floor to cut the component duck blind parts. Once the component parts are removed from the CNC, our fabricators go to work assembling each blind using our specially designed and time-tested machine tools and welders, ensuring that every product that leaves our plant meets our exacting standards.

Why CoPoly Blinds?

Black Box Duck Blinds will never rust, corrode or crack out. These are the last duck blinds you'll ever have to buy.

2-Man CAD Drawing

See the 2-man Black Box Blind CAD drawing here.

Multimedia Gallery

So what does a polymer duck blind look like? Click here for pictures of the most durable, long-lasting duck blinds on the market.